You can upload Excel/CSV data and Word documents into ImpactMapper for analysis. 

There are a few different ways to import your existing grants, investments, project, and report data as described below. You can also always enter grant/investment or project data one by one if you choose.

Tip: You can easily export your data from grants management databases like Fluxx, Gifts, Giving Data, or CRMs like Salesforce. Just select the data fields that you would like to export, and then export it in a CSV format. Then copy and paste the ImpactMapper column headers (from our template here) into your CSV for easy import into our platform. 

CSV Data (grants, grantees, projects, funding, etc)

For spreadsheet data, we recommend using CSV files (comma-separated values), which are easy to export from all spreadsheet software tools. 

Uploading your data is a three-step process:

Step 1: Identify what data you would like to import and save it in a CSV according to the grantee/grant, investment or report template format.

Step 2: Check your data for any inaccuracies, and clean it. This is a very important step that is required to be able to properly analyze and visualize your data! We've put together a series of articles here to help you. 

Step 3: Contact our team via Intercom (the icon below) or email us with your data. We’ll upload your CSV file, and let you know when it’s ready so you can start your analysis!

Read this article for helpful tips on how to prepare your CSV data while cleaning it, before uploading to ImpactMapper.

Documents (Reports)

You can also upload documents (DocX) which can be tagged in the 'Reports' section. This can be used for all kinds of text-based data, gathering information from different groups which can help you tell your stories of change - from your community-level stakeholders, to your decision-makers and Board members.  

Check out this article for ideas on how to use the report feature, and the diverse types of information you can upload and analyze on ImpactMapper. 

Read more about how to prepare documents for uploading, with tips and tricks to help you while cleaning your data. 

The next article in our Data Cleaning Series is 'How can I clean my data?'

How can I clean my data?

Check for Common Errors

If you have any further questions about cleaning, preparing, and uploading your data to ImpactMapper, check out the rest of our articles here, or get in touch via the chat icon below. 

We will also host webinars sharing best practices for keeping your data clean and up to date. Keep checking this page for the latest, and subscribe to our newsletter!

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