Many nonprofits face challenges around how to measure their work, present their stories in an engaging way, or to notice trends across your work, or your field. On top of all of that, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can take up a lot of time and resources, and you need to be familiar with a lot of different, specialised software. 

Our founder Alex Pittman developed ImpactMapper as the solution to that problem, making the whole M&E process easy and intuitive. All you need to know is what you want to achieve, and to have an idea of what information you need to get there. We can help you with the rest!  

Our platform came out of our need to bring diverse types of data to life, to easily share information between donors and organisations. Social change can be shared in creative and exciting ways - in stories, not just numbers.

With ImpactMapper, you can pull out insights from nearly all kinds of data - some of which you’d never have thought to use before, like text messages or emails from your partners! 

You can upload and analyze it all on our platform, and spend your time and money more effectively on doing the work that matters.

How you can use it 

ImpactMapper’s online platform allows you to store and analyse different sources data. For example: 

  • Upload your spreadsheets, and instantly see your information visualized on a global map 
  • Tag your reports and interviews, and transform text into insights around your key outcomes and KPIs  
  • Pull out interesting quotes or case studies to share your stories of change
  • Design and send surveys. Get instant analysis and visualization of your results
  • Create beautiful visuals to share your stories of impact in diverse formats 

You can code surveys and reports according to a specific country, or topic, or any other category. Tag your documents as you get them, for an easy snapshot of how you’re getting on. And you can visualise it all using our compelling  charts. 

How we can help

We are also a team of experts who help you with each project, who are building this tool to help with your M&E needs. 

Your dedicated consultant is always available with tips and tricks, training if you need it, and to show you new ways our product can help you. We’re proud of this personal touch!

How it works

Organizations, non-profits, donors, evaluators, corporations, and really anyone in between, can buy a license to use our online platform. 

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