ImpactMapper can now sync your data with a Fluxx instance. This allows you to chart and use your grant and funding data without any extra effort.

At the moment we offer a read-only (one way) synchronization support. This article will help you configure and get the right data.

Please consider using a fresh/new organization along with your existing organization for Fluxx!


Before we continue, please make sure you are allowed to create integrations (also called Applications) with your Fluxx instance. This requires specific privileges which are needed just for this step.

To create a new integration, please open the browser and type in your Fluxx instance web address, followed by the following path: /oauth/applications.

If you're logged in, and you have the right privileges, you should see a non-standard page saying YOUR APPLICATIONS. Please click on the New Application to open the creation form.

Here we need to fill in the Name with a relevant title (ex. ImpactMapper Integration) and use the default value urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob) for the Redirect uri. Click Submit.

Upon success you should see the new application credentials. Leave this page open and proceed to the next step. 

Running Synchronizations

To enable the Fluxx synchronization, please go to your Account & Organization Settings page, and select the organization you want to edit.

You should see the Data Sources tab. Click on it to open the Fluxx configuration form.

Please fill in this form with the credentials from the previous step. 

Use the Application Id value for the OAuth Client ID and the Secret for the OAuth Client Secret.

The value for your Your Fluxx URL is the main Fluxx instance URL (ex. https://**YOUR FLUXX NAME** or https://**YOUR FLUXX NAME**

Please make sure all these settings are valid and when ready, click SAVE.
Now to start a synchronization, please click SYNC

It is important to know that the synchronization is a fully automated process that is being run in the background. We will send you an email when this process completes. 

Larger Fluxx instances may take up to 24 hours, or even more, to complete! Our benchmarks show approximatively 16 hours to complete the synchronization of a couple of thousands of records! 

We're working with the Fluxx team to improve this experience but until then, please bear with us.

What is being synchronized

We pull the following record types out of Fluxx:

  • Grants (technically GrantRequest) is also called Grants on ImpactMapper
  • People and Organizations (technically User and Organization) is called Grantees on ImpactMapper
  • Geographic location and state for People and Organizations (technically GeoCountry and GeoState) is called Grant Locations and Countries on ImpactMapper.
  • Payments (technically RequestTransaction) is called Fundings on ImpactMapper.

Due to the differences in the data layout between Fluxx and ImpactMapper,
we are not able to provide a one-to-one copy. 

Please consider this limitation, and let your ImpactMapper team know if you have any questions! 

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