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How do I import Grantee, Grant, and Funding data?
How do I import Grantee, Grant, and Funding data?

Import multiple Grantee, Grant, and Funding data in CSV/XLSX format

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ImpactMapper introduces a CSV Importing tool to seamlessly import your Grant, Grantee, and Funding data.

The following steps should guide you on how you can utilize this tool to add and even update your ImpactMapper data in bulk. Aside from that, this article also highlights the features the CSV Importing tool provides to help you clean, format, and map your data to our platform.

Before we go through the import process, you need to have your data ready.

The GrantsTemplate file

The GrantsTemplate file is simply an .XLSX file that you will use as reference when preparing your data. Using this file greatly improves the overall experience in the import process so we highly recommend you download and use it.

The GrantsCSV Template can be downloaded here - GrantsTemplate.xlsx

This file contains two sheets:

  • Your Data - This sheet contains all the column headers recognized by the ImpactMapper platform. You may remove headers that you don't need. If you have headers in your data that is not included in the template, you may still add them and the CSV Import tool will accept them as CUSTOM headers for you.

  • Column Guide - Please take time to go over this sheet. This sheet provides more information regarding which fields are required, what format to follow, and some special rules on specific columns.

Once you download the GrantsTemplate file and filed it in with your data, you are now ready to use the ImpactMapper CSV Importer tool.

Uploading data to ImpactMapper

Step 1: Login and go to the Grant List page

Step 2: Click on Add a grant > Import Grants

Step 3: From this page, you will see three tables with explanations and examples demonstrating the Auto-cleaning, Auto-formatting, and Auto-mapping features of the tool.

  • The CSV Importer tool tries its best to clean and format your data for you but only up to a certain extent given the different possible ways on how your data can be written. We highly recommend you follow the "Column Guide" sheet from the GrantsTemplate file to ensure seamless import process.

Step 4: Upload your CSV/XLSX file

  • If you uploaded a multi-sheet XLSX file (ex: GrantsTemplate) it will prompt you to select which sheet to import.

Step 5: Select the header row

Step 6: Match your file's headers to fields in the ImpactMapper platform.

  • If you used the GrantsTemplate file we provided and followed the Column Guides sheet, the headers and values will be automatically mapped for you

  • If you provided headers that are not recognized by our platform, it will be labeled as a CUSTOM field.

Step 7: Validate your data

  • This step allows you to see any formatting errors which you can directly fix from the tool. You may choose to show rows with errors only by toggling the button on the upper right corner.

  • Clicking confirm will discard all INVALID rows so make sure you fix them all beforehand.

Step 8: Review how your data will be imported

  • ImpactMapper simulates the import process and reports back in case there's any problem importing the data. You may view all rows with issues by clicking on the "Show rows with errors only" toggle button on the upper right corner.

  • You may want to have a copy of this Auto-cleaned, Auto-formatted, and Auto-mapped dataset. Feel free to download a copy by clicking on the "Download CSV" button on the lower right corner.

Step 9: Click on the Import button.

  • Once the import process finishes, you will see this pop-up. You may use the reference number to report to us if something went wrong.

Step 10: Finally, View all Grants

  • Congratulations! The Grant, Funding, and Grantee records should now appear in the Grant list page.

Updating bulk data with CSV Importer tool

Updating in bulk with the CSV Importer tool follows the exact same process above except it updates the data in the database if it already exists

The "Columns Guide" sheet of the GrantsTemplate file lists the identifying fields for Grants, Fundings, and Grantees but we'll list them here as well for quick reference:

Grants - Grant Name, Grant Number

Fundings - Currency, Amount, Start Date, End Date
Grantee - Grantee Name

Below shows an example of an UPDATE:

Since the CSV Importer tool recognized that a Grant with the same name already exists in the database, it does not create a new record but instead UPDATES the existing one.

This concludes the CSV Importer tool guide. If you have more questions or if you're stuck in a specific step, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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