You can add as many countries as you’d like to any grant. This is either done when you first add your data to ImpactMapper via a CSV data import or adding grants one by one, or can be done manually at a later stage. 

If you want to add multiple countries from the moment your data is uploaded to ImpactMapper, we recommend following specific steps, depending on the process. We currently support two methods of adding your data: a CSV import, or manually one at a time

If you’re importing your data via CSV files, we recommend you first add the primary country associated with your grant, then go into  ImpactMapper later to manually add any additional countries. This prevents any errors during your data upload stage, and ensures your information is accurate. 

If you’re manually entering your grants or project data, feel free to add multiple countries during this process. 

Regardless of which process you choose to import your data, you can always add more than one country to each grant, by manually editing it. 

Click the ‘Grants’ icon shown at the bottom of your left sidebar, which takes you to your overview table. Click the ‘Grants’ button and find the grant to which you need to add countries. 

Click anywhere in the row to bring up a window from which you can edit this information. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner, and scroll down the ‘Edit Grant’ dialog box to the ‘Grant Destination Countries’ section. 

Here, you can enter as many locations as you need. Click ‘Add Another Location’ which brings up another box. Start by selecting your country from the dropdown, then type in your city name to automatically fill out the state name. Choose a region from the dropdown, and click ‘Save’. You can also add and edit custom regions depending on your analysis needs.   

Do this as many times as you need, to add each country associated with each grant. You can also edit or delete each country, in case your project changes and is no longer operating there. 

We use the ISO list of countries on ImpactMapper. In case you work with or in any countries or geographies not covered by our list, please contact our team using the chat window at the bottom right of your screen. We may be able to add it to our list, or we’ll show you how to add it as a custom region or country to your account.  

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